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Supplemental Solutions
Deciding on various Medicare plans can be overwhelming. We understand that there are so many choices and our goal is to make it as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for MediGap plans, Medicare Advantage plans, or just prescription Part D plans, let one of our Medicare Pros guide you at no cost to you.

Options Explained by the Pros

An introduction

Medicare Part A and Part B are government-provided health insurance plans. Part A covers the hospital and Part B for the doctor.

Who qualifies for it?

Eligibility entitles people 65 years of age who have paid all federal taxes for a minimum of 10 working years. It even includes those suffering from particular disabilities.

When can I register?

Enrollment in this plan occurs through the Initial Enrollment Period, i.e., the 7 months of you turning 65 – 3 months before, the birth month itself, and 3 months after.

Failing to sign then would require you to apply later in the General Enrollment Period, i.e., between 1st January and 31st March. However, the coverage itself begins on 1st July. And buying an additional insurance plan from a non-government insurer would mean becoming eligible to pay higher premiums.

Finally, you could register in the Special Enrollment Period if you or your partner are over 65 with existing health coverage through your employer. It begins after employer-provided coverage expires.

What does it charge?

Part A costs $0 for people who have already paid their medical taxes in the prior ten years. You’d need to pay a deductible of $1,632 to pay for the rest of the cost before the plan’s initiation. Several hospitalizations a year may require you to pay a deductible for each time. And if the hospital stay exceeds 60 days, you may need to endow a co-pay per day.

Part B requires you to pay $174.70 per month in 2024 and a deductible of $240 per year. Using doctor-related services would need you to finance 20% of the total cost through your pocket.

How do I apply?

Application can occur online at or through a local Social Security office. For further information, visit

An introduction

Commonly interchanged with Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medigap is a plan offered by non-public insurers. It tends to fill the “gaps” left by the original Medicare – the one provided by the government. There is a total of 10 Medigap plans lettered A to N. Not all private insurance agencies supply all of them. The costs fluctuate, but the total coverage remains the same.

Should I go for Medigap Insurance?

Many prefer that this supplemental insurance act as a cover for the many gaps left by the original Medicare policy. Subscribing to it means you may have to pay less out of pocket the next time you visit a hospital. For example, extended hospitalization or a few outpatient procedures can cost a lot of your own money. Supplemental insurance can cover this, making it a worthy purchase.
A few Medigap plans also provide exclusive features like additional coverage when traveling abroad. To best serve yourself, do make sure that you understand all of the information available in any insurance plan.
Who can enroll in Medigap? Only those that already a Medicare Part A and Part B.

Where could I register?

Registration occurs during the Medigap Enrollment Period that begins 6 months after your 65th birth date. Those with disabilities under 65 are also eligible. However, the previous enlistment in Medicare Part A and Part B is an essential prerequisite.
Missing out on said period does not expire your eligibility. However, insurers have a right by law not to accept your enrollment based on prior conditions if you fail to enroll in the enrollment period.

What does it charge?

The cost of premiums varies on the plan you choose and the state you live in.

How can I apply for Medigap?

You may explore different options for Medigap plans here at And after your choice, simply input your ZIP Code and tell us about yourself to begin the enrollment process and one of our licensed agents can go over all of your options with you.

An introduction

Commonly referred to as Medicare Part C, this advantage plan covers your Part A and Part B merits. Furthermore, it even provides additional medical coverage in a simple yet profound plan.
The insurance plan benefits you by expanding your limit by covering out-of-pocket costs. And thus, it is reliable.
Medicare Advantage Plans can also cover prescription drugs, dentistry, vision, and other services. A collective feature is absent in Medicare Part A and B. It is essential that you know everything about a given plan to make an informed decision.
These Advantage plans vary from being HMOs and PPOs. Those under HMOs tend to have a network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals. Such plans require referrals from your primary care physician so you can visit specialists. PPOs usually operate a larger network and do not tend to require referrals.
Since Medicare Advantage plans cover most of your medical expenses, they greatly resemble the employer-provided insurance plan.

Why Should I apply for it?

Medicare Advantage plans have phenomenal coverage compared to Part A, Part B, and Medigap. Similarly, Part A and Part B require you to pay 20% of the total cost of outpatient service, inform you to pay a set fee for hospitalization of 60 days or more, and do not cover your prescription costs. The Advantage plan does all this for you, meaning that your out-of-pocket expenses can greatly be reduced.
Their out-of-pocket limits vary from plan to plan but generally seem affordable.

Many people also prefer Medicare Advantage over others as they simply like the scenario of having one plan. Comparatively, MediGap plans work in line with Part A and Part B. The Advantage plans replace these other ones and provide additional features.

Who can qualify for it?

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage plans requires one to be over 65 years of age, but under that for those with disabilities. Generally, people with Part A and Part B are eligible.

Where can I sign up?

Enrollment occurs within 3 distinct periods.
The first one refers to the Initial Enrollment Period. And this comprises the 3 months before you turn 65, the month you turn 65, and the 3 months after that. All in all, the initial enrollment period consists of 7 months.
Failing to apply for the Medicare Advantage Plan in the initial enrollment period, you can try registering in the Annual Enrollment Period between October 15th and December 7th. If you were somehow unhappy with your current plan, the option to change it is permissible at this time.
The final time to enter said plan would be during the Special Enrollment period, which is only suitable for those that recently had a huge life event. Such occasions include moving to another place or when you have lost your health coverage. There are several Special Enrollment Periods and a licensed agent could best help you understand each one.
The special enrollment period is short in its duration. It would be wise for you not to miss both the initial and the open enrollment span, as it would delay your coverage if you were to do so.

What does the Plan charge?

Different Advantage plans charge you various costs monthly – especially in terms of different states. Some plans come with no premium at all. Speak to a licensed agent to see what’s available in your area and what you qualify for.

Where do I apply?

To enroll in Medicare Advantage Plan, examine the different options you have here. And once you’re ready, let us know your ZIP Code and a bit about yourself or you can call and speak to one of our licensed agents.

An introduction

Medicare Part A and Part B refuse to cover the expenses of prescription drugs. Therefore, any transaction between you and the pharmacy comes out of your own pocket. Fortunately, the government has provided leverage for some non-public insurers to prove the Medicare Prescription Drugs Plan (some even call it Medicare Part D).
Part D comprises two parts. The first one is known as Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (MAPDPs). MAPDPs provide the same coverage Medicare Advantage Plan does. So, this part is only accessible through enrollment in Medicare Part C, i.e., Advantage Plan.
The second type is the Standalone Prescription Drug Plans (SPDPs). The SPDP provides separate coverage to those of Part A and Part B. Thus, you have two options to select from,
1. Medicare Part A and Part B + Standalone Prescription Drug Plans
2. Medicare Advantage + Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans

Why should I apply for it?

Prescription drugs are expensive if you were to pay for them yourself. Having a plan that covers such expenses is reliable.

Who can apply?

The eligibility criteria are for one to already have Medicare Part A and B.

When can apply?

The optimum time to buy and enroll yourself in Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans and Standalone Prescription Drug Plans is during the initial and open enrollment periods.
The former, commonly known as the Initial Enrollment Period comprises the 7 months adjacent to a person’s 65th birth date – 3 months before, after, and the birth month itself.
The latter, generally called the Annual Enrollment Period, starts from 15th October to 7th December. The said period is also the optimum time for one to change between different prescription plans.
The final time for one to enroll in the Prescription Drug plan is during the Special Enrollment Period, which is open to those who recently had a major life event or change. Such that they moved from one state to another, have lost their health coverage, etc.
It would be unwise for one to wait on such an exceptional period. Therefore, you should try not to miss the initial and open enrollment durations.

What does the Plan charge?

Various insurers provide Medicare Prescription Drug Plans at different prices. The cost depends on who you’re buying from, the state where you live, and the price of the prescription drug. Call today to speak with a licensed agent to discuss what options are avilable to you.

How can I apply?

To ensure you make the right decision, you must compare the different prescription plans effectively. Doing so is easy as we provide this service for you. Contact a licensed agent toda


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All non-governmental Medicare companies follow a policy of providing the same merits on the plans that we mentioned above. However, the premiums of these plans vary. Call us today so one of our licensed Medicare Pros can find the right plan for you at the right cost. Medicare Pros provides this service for you at no cost to you.
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